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Our current needs :

 As a ministry we have various needs. 

Our ministry and the existing property has expanded. In July of 2020 we started a new construction that was a church to seat  approximately 100 to 120 people. This construction allowed us to provide a multi purpose area. Church services for families are held every Sunday at 3pm followed by our youth service at 5:45pm. On Saturdays we have a program for children from PreK through 6th grade. On Tuesday and Thursday we have an Elderly Adult program open to the community to enjoy  a time of singing, devotion, prayer and fellowship. They are given a hot meal which they may eat here or take home for later. All meals not served at that time are delivered to shut in's and those that are homebound due to illness that day. Research shows that there are approximately 75- 80 senior adults that do not eat on a daily basis within 10 miles of either side of us. Our program currently host 18-26. In order to continue this we are looking for donors to commit to a monthly donation of $20 or more. The meals consist of a meat and 2 vegetables, tortillas/bread and a drink. Each meal is an average of $2.50 -$3 and transportation is also provided.

As new opportunities opened up we were faced with a problem, a good problem. We have so many children attending Sunday with their families that we needed to start a children’s church service. Our Pastor’s wife, Fatima is a bilingual school teacher. She has started the children’s church so that the children can hear and learn God’s word and have songs that involve interaction. They often have a short break to play a game before the adults are dismissed. However during the rainy season many days they can not go outside to the pavilion. The rain here blows into the direction that most of the pavilion becomes wet. Currently we are in need of constructing 2 classrooms to the right of the church. This will allow us to divide the children into two smaller groups of 3 to 5 yrs old and 6 to 9. We average 30 to 40 children on Sunday.  The cost of the 2 classrooms without furnishings is $8500. Although it is best to build them together with $5000 we could start the first class and structure it for the additional room to be added on.


A security wall is needed for the property. Although we feel safe, it is always best to protect ourselves and our guests. With the highway in front of us and the new commercial/agricultural building to our left a security wall for our perimeter is advisable. We started this construction in 2021. An additional $5000 would allow completion.


In June 2022 we were given a gift of a used school bus from another ministry in Honduras. This bus seats 44 people.  We are truly grateful for the thought given to paying this bus forward to us. However, we do not have ample parking available. The bus can not adequately fit through our new gates. As well as the cost for a driver, gas and maintenance are above our budget. Due to the fact we are directly on the CA5 Hwy, it can not be parked along the outside wall. We also do not have need of that size of transportation at this time. Therefore we are actively seeking a buyer with plans to purchase a MICROBUS, 16-18 passenger van. This would help in transporting the elderly, children and church members as well as teams from the airport. In order to do this we need to raise $15000 to purchase a used microbus or $25000 for a new one with warranty. This is in addition to the trade or sell value of the school bus we currently have been given. 


PRAYER - H.O.T.M. believes 100% in the power of prayer.  We sincerely ask you to put this ministry before the Lord. Here are some of our general prayer requests.           
Please Pray for -
Our board members: that they would seek the Lord in leading our ministry into the future.
Our Directors: that they would keep the Lord at the center of all they do.
Directors, volunteers and staff: that they would strive for excellence and serve with integrity.
The remote village areas: that they would be transformed by the leaders that have been raised up from their midst.
Pastors & Churches that H.O.T.M. works with: that the Lord would strengthen them to be leaders in their communities.
Our donors: that the Lord will bless them to an even greater extent than they have blessed us.
Our target areas of Honduras: that all would stand against corruption and learn to seek the Lord 1st in all that is said and done.
Our ministry: that the Lord will provide the finances and support that we need to run the ministry effectively.







You can partner with H.O.T.M. in many ways. Donating finances is one of the greatest means of helping us accomplish our goals and carry out the ministry. You may choose to give a one time donation or you may want to join us as a continuing supporter.  


When ordering from Amazon Smile  you can mention us as your charity choice, we receive .5% of your order.  Please go to






Here are some ways you can donate:

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by mail


P.O.Box 2528  Powder Springs, Ga. 30127

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Make a tax deductible donation using our PayPal‏.

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