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Leadership Board


Behind all good and stable ministries is a team of people who are willing and called to pray for the ministry.  The families of these board members take an active part in helping us.

Tim Preston, cofounder of H.O.T.M. serves as President and Chief Operating Officer.  He actively plans and oversees the projects and activities in Honduras. Coordinates the Focus Projects for building and assisting families in need.

Jody Preston, cofounder of H.O.T.M. serves as Executive Vice-president and Director of CasaDeHoy. She communicates with the board, volunteers and Honduran staff.  Planning and directing incoming teams or students schedules, projects , menus and housing. She coordinates Youth Bible study and Making Little Disciples children's program. Serves as assistant to President/COO.

                        , serves as Chairman. Maintains the Leadership Board, oversees all board activities in the U.S. Acting  Spiritual Advisor.

Rick McKelvey, serves as assistant to Chairman in his absence. Assist with any insurance or health-care concerns for Tim and Jody.


Stacey Vizcaya serves as Financial Officer / Secretary. Oversees financial documents, payments and records.

Roberto Vizcaya serves as Trustee. Available to assist  with researching and major purchases or transactions for ministry.

Brandon Roberts  serves as Webmaster / Liaison.  Designs and maintains the ministry webpage.  Acts as a contact for Churches, individuals and Christian organizations and schools with an interest in H.O.T.M. Spiritual advisor and mentor to Tim and Jody.



Tyler and Amanda Jones serve as Structure Director(s) / Liaison to Students.  Manages and helps with any planning of construction, remodeling, or future structures. They also act as the liaison to student interns in the United States preparing to come to Honduras.



"We are created, loved, saved and called to make disciples."

Our Mission

We have accepted the challenge to live out a life to help the youth of Honduras by partnering with them together to live out Matthew 28:19. Making disciples and teaching them to go out and disciple others. Showing the youth of Honduras how to pray, study the Bible, lead worship music and share the gospel with their own families and community.

Each one of us has been called to make disciples and share the news of God’s grace to all. Jesus used 12 ordinary men to learn how to think, live, teach, love and serve like He did. Through the same concepts we desire to transform the youth of North and Central America.

Our Mission

Our Vision

After years of leading teams on short term mission trips, God gave us a vision to build and develop a ministry house. A place where youth and college students could have a firsthand experience serving on the mission field. Students who have a desire to serve Christ and others who feel a call to the life of a missionary will be able to participate in daily activities to assist the people of Honduras. We desire to make disciples and grow Christian Leaders



Our Core Values


Spirit Led Christians

Teamwork and Delegation

Compassion and Servanthood

Innovation and Creativity

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