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Currently we are seeking help in replacing the desks of a small 2 room school in the barrio of Los Mangos. The school was closed from March of 2020 until late February of 2022 due to the government lockdown here in Honduras for Covid19. As the 47 students registered returned to the classrooms, they found that the desk had been termite infested. Many of the desk totally unusable. The children are from 1st to 6th grade. One teacher will teach 3 different grades in his or her room. One room has 22 students sharing 10 damaged desks and several chairs. They have asked if we could assist them. To replace the desk with similar desks was approximately $25 per desk. However, these types of desks would most likely only last 3 years. After research and pricing another desk with metal frame and a better-quality wood was located. These desks would be a total cost of approximately $60 each. Our goal is to replace the current ones for 47 students and hopefully give an additional 3 to 5 for future classmates. So a minimum goal of $3000 has been established.

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