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Casa De Hoy 

Missions and Ministry in Honduras

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    Meet: Maynor Stivis Padilla Castillo

    Leader with our Youth Program 

    Soon to graduate HighSchool, Actively works with HOTM

    Hello! My name is Maynor, I am 16 years old and I am from San Marcos De Colon, Honduras. I am apart of the youth program of House of Today Ministries. I was asked to share my testimony of how God has lead me to him and how HOTM has been apart of that. In my childhood I did not grow up in a Christian home. I only knew who God was because of my beautiful grandmother. She was always telling me about Jesus. Looking back now I can see she was just one of the many people/things God put into my life to plant seeds to grow closer to him. After Kindergarten my younger brother was born, and I was given the opportunity to go to a private Christian school here in San Marcos. While being at Good Samaritan I have learned a lot about God and how he loves his people. After being at Good Samaritan school for two years my grandmother went to be with the Lord. During this time I felt the Holy Spirit convict me and tell me I was a sinner and I needed to pursue God with everything I had. So 27 days after my grandmother passed away in July of 2012 I accepted Jesus into my heart. In 7th grade I got baptized, I remember I actually skipped the band competition I had that day. Because God is bigger than any trophy I could have won. The next year (8th grade) I was given the opportunity to learn English. After learning ALOT it gave me the chance to serve him as a translator for groups that come. By doing this I was blessed to witness many relationships start, kids get sponsored, and people find Jesus. One of the relationship I was given because of learning English is my relationship with Tim and Jody. I remember the first time I talked to them we actually had to use a bilingual dictionary… I said I knew English I didn’t say how good it was (I promise its a lot better now. I don’t have to depend on the bilingual dictionary Tim used to carry around). We both had a lot of learning to do at the time! After learning alot more in December of 2019 at 6am I got a phone call that they were outside of my house. I said “what do I need to be ready for?” and Jody said “I need you to translate for us today.” I don’t think anyone has ever taken a shower as quick as I did at 6am in the morning, I was so excited. The “today” turned into 3 days and I spent those 3 days pursuing God’s people with them and a group from Georgia and Tennessee. I began to feel how he was using me for his kingdom and what he was calling me to do for the rest of my life. I feel that he has called me to missions. Now to grow in that he has placed me as a leader in the youth program. I was trying to think of new ways to lead them and God blessed me with a guitar to learn how to play worship music on. I will say that even though our God is a miracle worker, it will be a true miracle if he gives me a good singing voice. I don’t doubt him though, he is probably laughing at that right now. Being apart of this group I have learned more about Jesus and who He is! Doing this Tim and Jody have taught me how to grow in him, giving me full confidence to put all of my faith in God alone. Not in earthly things. That is how God has used HOTM to change my life. I am just one person who has grown and found out more about God because of House of Today Ministries. I am so blessed to be one small part of that. God bless you and I hope that if you feel called to support HOTM that you know that you are also apart of them.                                 posted 8/3/2020

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