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Even In The Midst Of A Pandemic

Today we are still in lockdown, quarantine of a virus that has reached all over the world. However, as we are one of the ministries that stayed in Honduras after border closings, we can say God is still faithful. Tim wanted to express to everyone his appreciation that you've remained faithful in your giving and prayers for us. We have both been so touched by the outpouring of many. Your devotion and love has provided for us spiritually and mentally as we navigated this new experience. In the beginning we were able to help feed many families in our community due to your giving. During this time we were blessed to receive a private donation that allowed us to purchase a second vehicle. This gives us a large opportunity for our team travel and outreach.

Just as our area was in the first phase of a reopen we received the donation that gave us the opportunity to grow the ministry forward. As I sit here today I can hear the men shoveling concrete as they finish the floors, side walks and other areas of the new church building. This building opens up a treasure chest of opportunity for the children, youth and families that we have shared life with since moving here in October 2015. God's timing is always perfect even when we don't see it or understand it. As we progress in this building it should be totally completed in time for the final phase of reopening Honduras. There is a lot of excitement in the community as many have prayed about this for over a year. I know many people have their own ideas and opinions about the Covid19 Virus. Looking at it from a missionaries standpoint is probably a lot different. I think that many in the states have experienced similar life changes to what we experience daily. Online church services are a reality for missionaries all over the world to experience some type of normal church service and worship in their native language. Medical care here is very deficient. Sadly we have witnessed many situations for individuals and families where they experienced fear of the possibilities. Thankfully the Lord has allowed us to display a sign of HOPE. The country could not offer people confidence in the health care system. Many have no ability to work. Those in public transportation have not worked in over 4 months. Schools are closed. Most students have no means to do internet studies. It is a very confusing time for the youth as many were expecting to graduate this year. It is predicted that it will take this country 5 years to recuperate from what has been brought on during the pandemic. However, we know that God can do more than we can imagine.

During the beginning days of lockdown I listened to several bible studies, sermons and read devotions that lead to a deeper study regarding the healing of the man at the pool. Tim and I started to discuss this. 3 times in 8 days I heard sermons or devotions on the man waiting at the pool for someone to help him get in the water. We started talking about our own situations and God's healing in our lives. How we felt let down so many times. Medical situations for our family, the passing of our parents and experiencing the death of a parent while you're on the mission field. Then we started talking about the healing of Comali. Because all during Covid19 people everywhere were talking about how we helped feed them. How we were getting them to Doctor's, hospitals, helping get them work, repairing damaged homes, etc. This is our healing season even in the midst of a pandemic.

So from that came the birth of the name "The Christian Community Church of Comali, BETHESDA" So in John 5:2 ( KJV), we read that there was a healing pool near the sheep gate called Bethesda. There were 5 porticoes or openings for the people to enter. The sick man who had been in his condition for 38 years was sitting there and wanted to get in the water. But when the water stirred people passed him by to be the one that got in. The first ones to get in the pool when it was stirred were healed of their infirmities. He was never quick enough. But then Jesus came and He noticed him lying there helpless. He asked him "do you want to get well?" He answered "Sir, I have no one to help me into the water when it is stirred. When I am trying to get into the pool by myself, someone else steps ahead of me." Then Jesus said "Get up, pick up your mat and walk."

So we've chosen the name Bethesda because this building is our healing pool. We feel that many people will hear the Lord tell them to pick up their mats, walk, be healed. Their infirmities may be many different things, such has loneliness, depression, alcoholism, drugs, sexual abuse, family grievances and more. Here we want to be the hands, feet and most all the heart of Jesus The church will offer openings ( porticoes, alcoves, colonnades) to changes in their lives. We see 1/ a church for the forgotten people of Comali, 2/ a place for the youth to have Bible Study, 3/ a place for the children's church program on Sat, 4/ a place for elderly that offers a feeding program to eat lunch, have a devotion and sing, 5/ a place to train women to sew, learn a profitable craft. etc. So TODAY we hope you will join us in praying for this ministry. We look forward to seeing what GOD is going to do here!

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